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FAQs: Buying a property

The Trillion Dollar Question!


Deciding when to buy a home involves assessing multiple factors. In 2024, key considerations include interest rates, levels of housing inventory, and economic stability nationally and internationally.


Some factors, such as securing a favorable interest rate, can indicate a more opportune time to purchase. Importantly this would be evaluated against crucial elements such as local market conditions and your personal financial readiness.


Consulting with the right real estate professional can offer the personalized insights, bespoke analysis and local expertise needed to help you make truly informed decisions.

Closing costs are additional expenses incurred during the finalization of a home purchase. Budgeting for these costs is essential to avoid surprises and will differ for each client.

We ensure you'll be well-informed and prepared to make the closing process smooth and efficient.

We have collated the general structure for closing costs in 2024:

Closing costs typically range from 1.5% to 4% of the purchase price and may include:

    • Land Transfer Tax
    • Legal fees and disbursements
    • Title insurance
    • Home inspection and appraisal fees
    • Adjustments (property taxes, utilities etc.)

Proactively planning for your down payment will always ensure a more streamlined buying process. Down payment requirements vary based on the home's purchase price.


We have a simple breakdown below for homes: 

- up to $500,000: 5% down payment (minimum)

- $500,000 to $999,999: 5% of the first $500,000 plus 10% of the remaining amount.

- $1 million+ : 20% down payment.


The expertise we have in Ontario markets ensures our support is accurate and reliable for your planning. Our team will analyse your specific scenario and can accordingly suggest trusted financial partners to help determine requirements then identify the optimal steps to completion.