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Espinosa & Associates take great pride in continuously expanding our individual and collective expertise in each of these fantastic communities. Our knowledge spans from Hamilton across the Halton region, throughout the GTA and the City of Toronto.

We are dedicated to always evolving our neighbourhood knowledge and understanding. This ensures the guidance we provide is current, relevant and tailor-made for each client we support.


Breaking Down Key Market Indicators

Total Sales

Knowing the number of sales and how these are changing on a month-to-month basis gives us an insight as to the activity of the market.

Typically, the winter months will see a decrease in sales and the spring months will see an increase of sales. This then translates into if the market is moving or staying stagnant.

Average Price

An increase or decrease in average price is influenced by the higher or lower than of typical sales. It's not  necessarily a true representation of what's available in any markt but can provide a trending correlation between home sales and prices.

New Listings

This will typically be a correlation that is derivative on current market confidence and time of year.

As more listings enter the market this gives more choice for buyers which will impact pricing. Less new listings on the market, less choice, results in an increase of home prices. Simply, it's an indicator of Supply and Demand.

Active Listings

This plays a major role in the supply of properties available for the consumer. It's the number of properties that, at the end of the last day of the month, have not been reported sold. When active listing on a month-to-month trend down, it means the market is moving faster

Fewer active listings and stronger demand for real estate mean that homes are more likely to sell for more. However, if there are many homes available but few buyers, then homes are likely to sell for less or not at all.


Listing Days On Market essentially measures how fast or slow a home sells. The lower the days on market, the faster homes sell and the more competitive the housing environment.

In such situations, buyers know time is of the essence and they need to act fast. Listing days on market is how long a listing has been for sales. Whereas, Property Days on Market is the total accumulative days for a home address that has been for sale.



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